Mipalloy is a three decade old manufacturing company in the line of copper & copper alloys. Mipalloy is among India's most reputed names in the line of copper alloys. All our products are considered the bench mark for quality in their respective lines. Inspite of being a company rich in tradition our factories are contemporary with state-of-art production lines rich in cutting edge technology.


Mipalloy is a company where our team is a harmonious blend of young & experienced people. Though our chief executive has over 50 years experience in the field. Our average age of our employees is 32 years. Our true strength is in our team of human resources who are dynamic & well experienced. Mipalloy has over 35 engineers in various disciplines on rolls with equally qualified supporting staff in well demarcated departments of finance, materials management, projects, logistics, imports & exports. All departments working in tandem to ensure our customer receives high tech products with world class service when they need them at cost effective prices.

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