Recommended for spot and seam welding of cold and hot rolled steels and coated materials, current carrying arms & shafts, back-up bars for both resistance and arc welding and electrical current carrying structural parts, electrical contacts, EDM electrodes, continuous casting mould plates, welding nozzles. Chromium Copper is particularly suitable for applications where considerably higher strength than what is achievable with Copper in conjunction with higher electrical & thermal conductivity. It can also be used as commutator segment material for machines which are required to operate at temperatures above those normally encountered in electrical machines. In the form of forging the material is used for cylinder heads of internal combustion engines particularly for Air Crafts. The use of Chromium Copper plates has been advocated for walls of Junker type water cooled moulds for the brass industry. Forged heat treated Chromium Copper components are used extensively in the switchgear industry as contact members of extra high voltage circuit breakers.


Similar in composition to Mipalloy 3 but has a small addition of Zirconium. Used for the same applications as that of Mipalloy 3. Mipalloy 3ZR retains its properties at elevated temperatures and under good practical conditions can provide a longer life. Recommended for coated steels. Most suitable as electrode material for welding coated steels. The Zirconium content discourages brass build up on tips. Used for electrical contacts, EDM electrodes, continuous casting mould plates, welding nozzles.


Recommended for spot and seam welding of stainless steel and high temperature heat resisting alloys requiring high weld forces, flash butt welding dies, back-up bars, projection welding electrodes, high strength, high conductivity electrical component and springs, electrical contacts, EDM electrodes, plastic moulds, continuous wire casting dies.

MIPALLOY 4 Recommended for Manufacture of Stud Welder Collets, Plunger Tips. This material ha excellent spring properties & very high hardness

Recommended for use as flash butt welding die inserts, electrical upsetting, electro-forging dies, facing for contact shoes, spot welding of metals that have high internal resistance like stainless steel. Best known material for EDM / Spark Erosion electrodes. Used as contacts in switchgears & heavy duty circuit breakers, on-load voltage tap changers. Tungsten based heavy metal is used as tool shanks for boring bars and tools for chatter free machining, die casting tools. Tungsten based heavy metal are widely used for counter weights and counter balances, shielding components against radiation etc.    


It is extremely hard with low ductility. It does not alloy with non-ferrous metals. It is used for cross wire welding of Copper or Brass. Ideal for welding thin Copper stock, Braided Copper wires. Better results can be obtained by electro-tin plating braided wires before welding.


Used for welding or brazing of Copper conductors to ferrous or non-ferrous terminals, lugs or fitting. Molybdenum can be drilled or machined unlike M100W which can be only ground, wire cut or machined by EDM.

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