Mipalloy manufactures gun arms in Mipalloy 3, Mipalloy 3ZR & Mipalloy 100. Due to our vast experience in cold working copper alloys, we manufacture gun arms out of extruded bar stock. The final shapes are achieved by cold bending extruded bar stock in closed dies in hydraulic presses. Gun arms manufactured out of extruded bar stock eliminate all the defects of casting like porosity, blow holes, inclusions, cold shuts etc.

Regular fully machined gun arms manufactured out of castings are also available on request. Short lead times, highest dimensional accuracy , low weight & high strength are characteristics of Mipalloy gun arms.

Mipalloy also offers a variety of straight & bent electrode holders to specific requirement of spot welding & projection welding applications. Mipalloy straight & offset holders in Mipalloy 100 material combine long life with good conductivity.

Mipalloy can manufacture almost any profile of gun arms & holders

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