Photo Courtesy: M/s. Sarita Die Works

Beryllium Copper alloys are used for their High Strength and Good Electrical and Thermal Conductivities.

There are two groups of Beryllium Copper alloys. One is High Strength Alloys and the other High Conductivity Alloys.

The High Conductivity Alloys contain 0.2-0.7% Beryllium and higher amounts of Nickel and Cobalt.

These alloys are used in applications such as Electronic Connector Contacts, Switch and Relay Blades, Control Bearings, Housings for Magnetic Sensing Devices, Non Sparking applications, Small Springs, High Speed Plastic Molds and Resistance Welding Electrodes. Their high conductivity enables high production speed, while their good corrosion and oxidation resistance promotes long mould life.

Beryllium copper is used in Springs & Collets and other parts that must retain their shapes during periods in which they are subjected to repeated strain. Due to its Electrical Conductivity, it is used in Low-Current Contacts for Batteries and Electrical Connectors. And because it is Non-Sparking but physically tough and non-magnetic, it is used to make tools that can be used in explosive environments

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