Many applications demands Copper to have higher mechanical properties and to be capable of use at elevated operating temperatures while still retaining the good conductivity for which it is selected in the first place.

The high-copper alloy family includes Beryllium Coppers, 2% Beryllium Copper, Chromium Coppers, Zirconium Copper , Chromium Zirconium Copper and Nickel Silicon Chromium Copper.

The Chromium Zirconium Copper is essentially Chromium Copper alloys which has a small addition of Zirconium. The addition of Zirconium inhibits chemical reaction of Copper at elevated temperatures. It also helps to retain the physical properties at elevated temperatures. Also it marginally increases annealing temperature.

Chromium Zirconium Coppers are used widely in areas where high electrical and thermal conductivity are required combined with good mechanical properties. Uses include Resistance Welding Machine Electrodes, Seam Welding Wheels, Spot Welding Tips, Flash Butt Welding Electrodes, Anvil Contact Bars, Electrical Switch Gear Contacts & Terminals, Electrode Holders, Cable Connectors, Current Carrying Arms and Shafts, Circuit Breaker Parts, Heat Sinks, Short Circuit Rings, MIG welding contact tubes and many other applications where Copper would normally be the ideal choice for High Conductivity but is just not Strong enough.

C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper is used extensively for cap style resistance welding electrodes. Evidence suggests that it can provide less sticking and resist deformation longer than its chromium copper counterpart in some specific situations.

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