The primary use for copper is the distribution and control of electricity due to copper's superior conductivity. In fact, copper's conductivity (100% IACS) is the international standard by which the conductivity of all other materials is measured. Silver is the only material which has conductivity more than copper. In terms of energy efficiency, space requirements and corrosion resistance, copper is the lowest cost, commercially available material for electrical applications.

Mipalloy's products include high-conductivity, oxygen-free coppers and copper alloy sheet, plate, bar and extruded copper profiles. We offer a wide range of products to serve markets markets including steel, electrical and electronics, transportation industry.

Mipalloy is having state of the art production facilities to manufacture complicated copper profiles with excellent tolerance on size and with smooth surface finish. Our expertise and experience in sections and profiles makes us capable of  manufacturing special shapes as per customers requirement in huge quantities. Also mipalloy is capable of handling & machining of single block up to 2 meters length & having a weight of upto 2 Tons.

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