Copper due to its high electrical conductivity is the preferred material in the design of switches, circuit breakers & disconnectors. Predominantly all current carrying members like terminals, conductors & contacts are manufactured out of High Conductivity Coppers.

Mipalloy is a leading manufacturer of high conductivity copper alloys in INDIA. Based on the service required, mipalloy offers.

Alloy Commercial Name Hardness Electrical Conductivity
Mipalloy C Electrolytic Copper 30 R'B' 100% IACS
Mipalloy 3 Chromium Copper 70 R'B' 85% IACS
Mipalloy 3ZR Chromium Zirconium Copper 70 R'B' 85% IACS
Mipalloy 100 Beryllium Copper 100 R'B' 45% IACS
M75WC Tungsten Copper 96-99 R'B' 40% IACS

Chromium Copper is a cost effective material which possesses greater hardness when compared to pure Copper by sacrificing conductivity slightly. It is recommended for abrasive applications as contacts where wear resistance is required.

Beryllium Copper is an expensive solution when Chromium Copper does not suffice. However the electrical conductivity of Beryllium Copper must be borne in mind before designing any contacts / terminals in the said material.

Tungsten Copper is usually considered to be the ultimate material as far as wear resistance & hardness is considered. Due to its high cost & low conductivity, it is used in the form of inserts, usually Silver brazed to Chromium Copper conductors.

We undertake the manufacture of completely machined contacts in the above materials.

Many complicated shapes are achievable since mipalloy possesses various metal forming facilities like closed die hot stamping, hot extrusion, cold drawing, coining, bending & cold forming. Vacuum Silver brazing which is latest technique in joining Tungsten Copper to Chromium Copper is being regularly practiced by us. Our powder metallurgy division produces near net shape parts in Tungsten Copper

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