Mipalloy Cap Extractors quickly removes cap electrodes & shanks without damaging the taper in the caps, shanks & electrode holders.

Mipalloy Cap Extractors enhances productivity due to its ease of handling. Its simple construction & ergonomic features encourages usage.

A spot welding shop using Mipalloy Cap Extractor can eliminate spanner slot in electrode manufacture, thus lowering the cost of electrode manufacture.

MIPALLOY Cap Extractor is 10" long & made out of hardened steel.

Electrode Dresser quickly removes the mushroomed portion of spot welding electrode and renews dome and pointed nose electrodes with the operating contour.

Electrode Dresser re-machines both upper and lower Electrodes to the correct profile "on the job" - provided both electrodes are identical - without removal of the electrodes from their holders

Electrode Dresser is 10" long, with a replaceable cutter of hardened tool steel

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