When boring small diameter lengthy holes, a chatter is usually encountered by the boring tool which results in a rough surface hole.

The standard for vibration free machining & grinding has been established by our chatter free materials. It is used where rigidity & minimum vibration are critical. Heavier cuts, longer tool life and a much superior finish result when using our chatter free boring bars. Tool extensions up to 9:1 are possible depending upon the application. Tools run cooler because of the high thermal conductivity and you can braze directly to tool without affecting its physical properties.

Our materials are often used in place of Tungsten Carbide boring bars because:

  • It has a higher density
  • It is readily machinable
  • Less prone to chipping & breakage
  • Both material & finishing costs are less.

Usually chatter free material results in a better finish. Its high density has a rotating inertia effect in boring & grinding which results in more accurate finish

Mipalloy Chatter Free material is made from high density Tungsten based alloys through powder metallurgy techniques. The process is a mixture of 90% Tungsten powder with Nickel, Iron, or Copper powder, compacted and liquid phase sintered, resulting in a homogeneous structure with no grain direction. The result is a very high density, machinable material with unique physical properties, ideal for “Chatter Free” tool holders, boring bars and grinding quills.

Mipalloy “Chatter Free” material does not anneal during brazing, thus carbide or tool holders and extensions can be brazed directly without affecting physical properties.

Mipalloy “Chatter Free” materials are relatively non-corrosive and plating is normally not required in tooling applications. However if plating is necessary standard plating procedures for Nickel and Chromium plating are used. A Copper flash is sometimes required for better adherence.

The following joining methods are generally used for chatter free materials

  • Copper Brazing
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Silver Soldering
  • Shrink Fitting

“Chatter Free” materials are available in various diameter in 8” - 12” lengths according to customers requirements

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