MATERIAL : Mipalloy 4, 2% Beryllium Copper with Hardness 36-40 HRC, Thermal conductivity 62 Btu/ft²/ft/hr/◦F & Electrical Conductivity 22%IACS.

Mipalloy manufactures fully machined plunger tips for die casting in Mipalloy 4 2% Beryllium Copper material. Mipalloy has vast experience & capability to machine a wide variety of plunger tips as per customer's drawing. Mipalloy 4 material has very high hardness in the range of 35-40 HRC. Its higher hardness gives higher service life for these tips. All the plunger tips are accurately machined in house in our advanced state of art CNC machine shop which gives our customers perfect repeatable quality plunger tips.

Mipalloy 4, 2% Beryllium Copper (C17200) plunger tips have set the standard for quality in the industry. Enhanced productivity, lower down times, fewer tip problems, consistent performance are the hallmark of Mipalloy 4 plunger tips.

The fine grain structure of Mipalloy 4 plunger tips with high hardness & thermal conductivity makes the tips more resistant to constant wear & punishment that takes place during service.

For maximum service life & shot sleeve performance 2% Beryllium Copper has no equal as a base alloy for plunger tips in aluminium die casting.

Mipalloy 4, 2% Beryllium Copper plunger tips are harder & stronger than those of other alloys & manufacturers, providing longer shot tube life with a extra margin of safety and permitting closer tolerances when grinding to finished dimensions.

Mipalloy has the capability to manufacture plunger tips in a wide variety of sizes from 1” diameter to 8” diameter. Standard sizes are typically 3” diameter to 5” diameter.

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