Copper is one of the oldest names in metallurgical history. The remarkable red metal is unique under almost any condition. Alone it offers high electrical & thermal conductivity second only to Silver, unsurpassed performance in both hot & cold working properties & an almost complete resistance to corrosion. Its presence down the ages is evidenced by relics discovered in all parts of the globe. Ornaments, weapons, jewellery, tools & utensils found in various areas are mute testimony to the remarkable durability of Copper.

Although skills associated with Copper manufacture have been evolving for thousands of years, this metal continues to reveal startling new potentials, Only few companies in the world can claim to have mastered those skills or sought to exploit those potentials.

One of them is MIPALLOY

Having associated with manufacture of copper for several years, Mipalloy thoroughly learnt the application requirements of Copper alloys used in resistance welding, EDM/ECM, Electrical switchgear contact, Continuous casting mould applications.

Our constant endeavor & efforts to keep in pace with Quality & Technological innovations has inspired us to produce special copper alloys for solving the recurring or new problems in the industry requiring Good mechanical properties

  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Ability to retain mechanical properties at elevated operating temperatures
  • Good impact & fatigue properties during actual working
  • Good erosion properties

Guaranteed good quality alloy can be produced only with careful selection of raw materials and using top class equipments and suitable treatment processes & skilled personnel. We at Mipalloy control quality products at each & every step of manufacturing process to serve our customers with products of global quality.

Our products are fully tested & supplied to our customers ready for immediate use. The everlasting demands of the customers

Competitive Price
Exceptional Quality
Prompt Delivery

are the prime goals of Mipalloy to serve the industry better every day.

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