Mipalloy seam welder wheels are the benchmark for quality in the industry. We manufacture forged & fully heat treated seam welder wheels in Mipalloy 3ZR. Wheels are made in varying thickness from 2” diameter to 28” diameter in proof machined condition or fully machined ready to use. Mipalloy wheels guarantee higher hardness & electrical conductivity resulting in superior performance. Most common sizes are available off the shelf. Most sizes considered non standard are surprisingly available off the shelf at Mipalloy. Mipalloy is the largest exporter of seam welder wheels in proof machined & finish machined condition in India.

Seam welding electrodes perform three important functions in all resistance welding operations

  • They conduct the welding current to work.
  • They transmit the proper electrode pressure or force to the work in order to produce satisfactory weld.
  • They dissipate heat from the weld zone.

Mipalloy is dedicated to manufacture of superior quality seam welder wheels for the industry. During seam welding operations the electrodes are subjected to stresses of considerable magnitude. They must withstand these stresses at elevated temperatures without excessive deformation. This is because the current must be localized within a fixed area. The transmitted electrode force not only forges the heated work pieces together, but also concentrates the welding current to localized area.

Seam Welding Wheels

Seam welding electrodes are generally in the form of wheels and are referred to as seam welding wheels or rolls. An exception to this is when a flat anvil or mandrel is used on one side with the opposite side being a wheel on a traveling head. Mipalloy essentially manufactures seam welding wheels in Mipalloy3ZR. However Mipalloy100 wheels are available on request. For best results and to ensure lower down times seam welder shafts & housings must be made of Mipalloy3ZR. Mipalloy supplies seam welder wheels in proof machined & fully machined condition. All seam welding wheels are manufactured out of individually forged blanks.

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