Silver Copper's outstanding thermal conductivity makes it the choice for mould liner plates and in the continuous casting of steel & for mould liner plate in the non-ferrous continuous casting industry and other mold plate applications. Copper plate materials are very useful in applications requiring heating/cooling cycles and rapid response to temperature variation. The addition of silver along with controlled mechanical processing provide the strength and wear resistance needed for these applications. Mipalloy is having state of the art production facilities to manufacture complicated silver copper profiles with excellent tolerance on size and with smooth surface finish. Our expertise and experience in sections and profiles makes us capable of  manufacturing special shapes as per customers requirement in huge quantities. Also mipalloy is capable of handling & machining of single block up to 2 meters length & having a weight of up to 2 Tons.

Silver Copper mould plates are supplied either as bare proof machined plates or fully machined plates as per customers prints ready to use. Often plates are supplied with coating to increase the life of the mould. Coatings are mostly Hard Chrome Coating or Nickel Coating. Coated plates can increase the mould life to nearly double.

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