This is a brief presentation of the various spot welder cap materials manufactured by Mipalloy and an endeavour to assist the user to select the best type of spot welder cap for his application.


It is an accepted norm to adopt cap & shank type of spot welding electrode for large requirements of spot welding internationally. This stems from the inherent advantages of caps which are low cost and higher productivity. Spot welder caps are commonly manufactured by cold heading which results in a double edged advantage of lower material consumption for manufacture (translating into lower costs) and higher mechanical properties like higher hardness, higher tensile strength etc due to intense cold working.


We are an international supplier of spot welder caps to over twenty large automobile manufacturing countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt etc.

We supply to both end users and distributors from our state of art cold forging plant in Chennai, India. India with its cost competitive labour and Chennai being a large international seaport / airport helps us in keeping our costs low ensuring our customers get the most out of their investment. We can handle order quantities of even a few hundred to well over a million.


We stock caps in popular alloys as per our Catalogue and popular international designs. We ensure shipments are made on time everytime. In case your cap is not a standard one, you can discuss stocking options with us and we will be glad to stock and ship caps as per your prints just when you need them.


Best spot welding results can only be obtained by using the right spot welder caps for a given application. With technology growing exponentially in the automotive industry and the customer getting more demanding, the industry is shifting to special steels with custom coatings. Traditional spot welder caps are sometimes inadequate to provide a satisfactory weld. This is especially true when welding special coated steels. To solve this problem of the industry, Mipalloy manufactures caps in different materials as under:

    1. This is the basic cap material having a composition of 1% Chromium, 0.1% Zirconium; balance Copper – nominal.
    2. The nominal hardness of a cold forged Chromium Zirconium Copper cap is 85HRB, which results in long working life of the cap.
    3. The Zirconium in the cap prevents brassing up during welding of galvanized steels.
    4. Since it is Mipalloy’s most popular cap material, standard designs are always available ex stock off the shelf.
    5. It is the lowest cost spot welding cap material.
    6. Chromium Zirconium Copper has a large application window and can be used for welding majority of jobs including plain Cold rolled and cold annealed steels, galvanized steels, Nickel steels and Terne coated steel sheets.
    7. Chromium Zirconium Copper is designated Mipalloy 3ZR.
    8. Other international nomenclature include.
  • CDA’s UNS no- C18150
    CMW’s - CMW328
    Mallory’s - Mallory 328
    KME’s - Elbrodur HF & G,
    TDM’s - Elmedur XS,


  • This is a cap material having composition of 0.1% -Zirconium; balance – Copper nominal.
    1. The nominal hardness of a cold forged Zirconium Copper caps is 75 HRB.
    2. The Zirconium content in the cap discourages the zinc in the galvanized steel to alloy with the Copper in the cap and form brass. These caps also eliminate the sticking problem experienced during welding coated steels.
    3. Mipalloy stocks caps as per Toyota’s design – T16Z & T13Z. Since we stock large quantity of raw materials in the form of barstock, caps can be produced with short lead times.
    4. It is a low cost spot welder cap material.
    5. Zirconium Copper caps are most suited for welding galvanized steels and other coated steels.
    6. Zirconium Copper is designated Mipalloy Z.
    7. Other international nomenclature include
    CDA’s UNS no – C15000
    CMW’s – CMW 128
    Mallory’s – Mallory 28
    KME’s – Elbrodur N4
    TDM’s – Elmedur Z.


  • This is a Chromium Zirconium Copper cap having a nose coated with hard Titanium carbide. The thickness of the titanium carbide metal matrix composite will be 20 – 40 micron meter.
    1. The titanium carbide coating is seven times harder than Chromium Zirconium Copper. This high hardness combined with much higher melting temperature of titanium carbide tends to create a barrier between work pieces being welded and the electrodes, thereby reducing sticking and brass formation.
    2. Mipalloy manufacture Titanium carbide coated caps on firm purchase order.
    3. Titanium carbide caps are more expensive in comparison to bare Chromium Zirconium Copper electrodes.
    4. Titanium carbide coated caps are designated Mipalloy TiC.
    5. There is no other international nomenclature.
    1. These caps are made by powder metallurgy. This innovative material is made by a combination of reaction milling and mechanical alloying. These caps have 1% Aluminium oxide and other proprietory composition – nominal.
    2. The nominal hardness of a cold forged dispersion strengthened copper cap is 80HRB, but its unique feature is a very high annealing temperature of 950°C. It does not loose its hardness even at a high temperature of 950°C.
    3. Mipalloy manufactures Dispersion strengthened copper caps on firm purchase order.
    4. Dispersion strengthened copper caps are among the most expensive caps as far as sticker price is concerned but it offers much longer life, non-sticking characteristics, resists mushrooming, reduces downtime for maintenance, reduces electricity bills due to high electrical conductivity, works on all steels including High strength low alloy(HSLA) steels, galvanized steels etc. In actual production run it is more cost effective versus Chromium Zirconium Copper.
    5. It is most suited for coated steel welding application.
    6. Dispersion strengthened copper are designated Mipalloy DSC.
    7. Other international nomenclature include;
  • CDA’s – UNS no-C15760;
    Ecka Granule’s – C3/70;
    Nippert’s nitrode.


Mipalloy manufactures wide range of replaceable spot welder cap tips to suit various application requirements. Mipalloy spot welder cap are made by cold forging which result in superior mechanical properties compared to ordinary machined cap tips. Spot welder caps are economical, quick to change and long lasting. These cap tips are manufactured to exacting tolerances in wide range of standard configurations. Mipalloy manufacture cap tips in Mipalloy3, Mipalloy3ZR, Mipalloy100 materials. Mipalloy cap tips are the backbone of the Indian automotive industry. Almost every car, truck & bike in India has bodies welded with Mipalloy spot welder cap tips. Mipalloy has the capability of handling orders of cap tips in several tens of thousands daily.

Mipalloy also manufacture cap tips as per customer’s drawing and we invite your valued enquiries.

Mipalloy manufactures straight shanks to suit various standard cap tips. These shanks are precision manufactured from Mipalloy3, Mipalloy3ZR, Mipalloy100 extruded & cold drawn bar stock. We recommend Mipalloy100 material for shanks for longer life of shanks & better service.

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